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* After School Tutoring
* Homework Support

* Academic Support
* Computer Lab

* WIEC library
* Leveled Reading Program
* Art Activities
* Recreation Activities
* Summer Enrichment Program
* Incentive Program for Grades and Attendance
* Snacks


School Attendance Area

Diamond Valley Elementary School
Alpine County Schools
Douglas County Schools
Douglas County High School
South Tahoe High School


Washoe Language.jpg

 Office Hours
11:00 am to 5 pm

Closed on Holidays

 Student Responsibilities:

 In order to do my best, I agree to be respectful, responsible, caring,
 fair, trustworthy, a good citizen. 


 I will strive to:

 1. Complete my homework everyday.

 2. To do my best at school in all subjects.

 3. Use appropriate manners in speech and actions.

 4. Use appropriate language.  Avoid rude gestures, teasing, and putdowns.
 5. Respect rights and property of the WIEC and others that.

 5. Follow directions and WIEC rules.

 By striving to do these things I will learn, let others learn and help
 others to do their best.

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